Tuesday, March 5, 2013

my living room project!!!

when i took all of my christmas decorations down i realized how much my living room needed some major attention!!!  so i decided to take a designers approach to decorating my OWN living room! i do it for other people all the time but had never really taken the time to do it for myself! i would always just switch out accessories here and there along the way and that was suficiant for the time, but now i want to get a real style and feel for my living room!
first up... inspiration and color pallet
i chose this house to be the inspirational house for my because it has sooo much of what i want in the room.  and the style plays well with the architecture of my house too. this is the most bright and beautiful spanish bungalow! however my house is not in california so i cant get too carried away with the spanish theme but i do love the natural woven textures and and the white on white on neutral color pallet so there are still a lot of things that will work!

next up putting it all together... i already have chocolate leather furniture that will still work with this style (yay for saving money!). so then my focus will be layering lots and lots of textures. staying very neutral and light in the fabrics and then relying on all the textures to create the richness. 

i think the money maker in this style is to let nature be the staring role on the room!!!
let the room be filled with light cascading through the windows, let the earthy richness of wood grains be on full display and let beautiful fresh cut flowers be such a subtle pop of color the room begs for and i think you will wake up every morning and feel like you are on vacation!!! 
i'm so excited to start the process!!1 i'll keep you posted along the way!

thank you all for reading!!!

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