Thursday, March 28, 2013

designing from the heart!

i am so excited to start working on a design project for a very special cause that is close to my heart!  a very spacial lady that i came to know a couple of years ago has been working very hard to open a home for girls with crisis pregnancies.  well i am over the moon that her dreams are taking shape and that i get to be a part of it.  she has asked me to help by design the girls rooms and a couple of the common rooms! i am honored to be a part of this and so pumped to get started!!!!!

here are a few images i collected for inspiration for the girls rooms (they are step one)

we are wanting to use orange and green in the girls rooms, and lean toward making them 
fresh and trendy! i can already tell this will be a really fun project!
i'll post more later as we make progress!

thank you all for reading!!!

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