Saturday, March 30, 2013

family tradition!!! easter nest cookies!

here are a couple of easter treats we made to go along with our celebration!

our family makes these cute little nest cookies every year! they are so yummy and so easy to make!

Barbara's Nest Cookies

                      1 stink margarine
                      2 c sugar
                      1/2 c milk

                      combine and boil for 1 minute
                      then add...

                      1/2 c peanut butter
                      1 1/2 t vanilla
                      3 c oats

                      mix together and drop on wax paper
                      add jelly beans or other eggs shaped candy

we also made these adorable little deviled egg chicks!!!

                           boil eggs until hard boiled (15 min)
                           peel and rinse
                           then cut top 1/3 off to remove yolk
                           mix yolks as you like and add back into bottom of egg
                           then put the top on!
                           i used pepper corns for the eyes (you could also cut pieces of an olive)
                          and cut a carrot in tiny triangles for the beaks!

NOTE: if you use peppercorns for the eyes you will probably want to remove them before eating! that would be quite a heavy dose of pepper!!!

i just love these adorable little guys!!!!!

thank you all for reading!!!!

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