Monday, March 31, 2014

sputnik lighting!!!

i am doing a little inspiration board for some really cool sputnik lighting for a client.  she lives in a mid century modern home, and she has a wonderful open dining room with very high ceilings!!! the space is just begging for a statement making light fixture!

i'm hoping to do a bold graphic wall behind the table with the sputnik light taking center stage in front of it.

there are also these "starburst" sputnik lights that i am really liking too!! gonna have a hard time deicing on just ONE that i really love!!

1   2   3   4   5  

so many options to chose from, but you can hardly go wrong because they are all so awesome!!
thank you all for reading!!!



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

tile backsplash

we have decided to make some updates to our kitchen this summer so the planning has begun!
one of the main decisions we are really debating on is tile for the backsplash.
there are so may options i'm having trouble choosing between them!  i know that tile isn't typically the first thing you decide on for a kitchen, however i think if i decide on a tile i really like, that will help solidify the "style" of kitchen i want.  i have too many favorites, its not an easy decision.

my home was built in the 1930's so subway tile would be a great option for my kitchen because it was very popular at the time my house was built and would match the architecture of my home nicely.
however, i have a little bit of issue with using something that is SOO popular.  I don't want my house to lack personality and look like everyone else's... but i do think it would look great in there.  using a subway with a muted color is an option too like the picture below.
this black and white floral pattern is beautiful, but i don't know if its too much, i might get tired of it...
a mini marble herringbone is a top runner too, it's a little pricier but very pretty

quatrefoil is an option too

i really do love the look of these patterned tiles!!! 
i just don't know if i could commit to them long term!

we shall see... i am off to start on some design boards now so i will keep you posted
as we make decisions and progress!!
thank you all for reading!!!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

i'm very excited to introduce to you guys something new i'm offering!!

i often get emails from readers, or questions from people who find out what i do, asking me about small issues they have in their home regarding design!!  they aren't really needing an all out design, but rather just need a little advice from a professional so they can feel comfortable moving forward!

so... i have come up with the perfect solution! i want to give people an opportunity to get their questions to me in an organized fashion and then i can take time to think out the question first, give good feedback, and propose solutions to problems they are faced with!

 this is open to anyone who is needing some advice!  if you are wondering about a paint color for your kitchen, or the size of dresser you should be looking for for your bedroom, or the placement of a tv in an odd shaped living room... i am here to help!! just click on the link below and it will take you to a form where you can fire away!

i am so excited to be able to offer help in any way that i can!!!

thank you all for reading!!!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

painted trim!

my friend erica and i have been chatting about ideas for revamping my bedroom.  the dreams keep coming and coming!!! the latest amazing thing we've been talking about is colored trim, which i am particularly excited about.   when i first moved into my house, and was doing renovations i noticed  the layers and layers of colors painted on the trim from years before.  my house was built in the thirties and the colorful trim was very popular all throughout the mid century years. ( check out this alllll turquoise kitchen!! ;)  a couple of the colors i remember seeing on the trim during renovations were mint green and hunter green.  :) it kind of made me roll my eyes when i saw it then, but now i am excited for my tiny home to see it's old familuar colors come to life again!!! 

this green trim is similar to the original color in my house.

this color was similar too.  kind of a pastel, minty, bluish-green.

i think this might be my favorite... this color is very bold and super gutsy! i think its just what my house needs!  attention grabbing and fun with a really fresh feel.  my little houses 1930's heart will be so happy.

so now the question is what awesome color will i choose? i'll keep you posted!! 
thank you all for reading!!!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

english bohemian styled wedding!!!

beyond excited to share this with you guys today!!! spring is JUST around the corner and and i couldn't be more ready for fresh colors, pretty flowers and of corse lots of weddings!!!!

the look we were going for with this shoot was an english bohemian feel.  we wanted the formality and crispness of the brits mixed with a free spirited nature.  all while being fantastically fresh and pretty.

i hope you enjoyed the photos!! i know i sure enjoyed putting it together!!!!
be sure to check out the links to the other talented ladies who helped pull this off!!!
flowers: by charity at he loves me flowers
photography: heather at heather cherie photography
treats: by anna at dough a dear bakery
thank you all for reading!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


i read a post on instagram the other day that really made me think....
i really debated the fact of doing new years resolutions for my personal life.  i always try to set some goals for my business but the personal goals especially tend to be shelved by the middle of february.  but as i read this post i realized to separate my personal goals from my business goals is not the way to go about it.  

it really got me thinking about how my business is so reflective of my personal tendencies and how much of my personality is strongly interwoven into and reflected in my business.  i realized how i have to be strong and true to my self for my business to flourish and that i need to feel satisfied and successful in my business to feel happy as a person.  so in hoping not to sound too cliche or to be like every other average, run of the mill, human being in january, i really have taken on a new out look on this year.

i feel like so much of what i went through last year as prepared me for this year... mostly my failures, they were a real kick in the seat! so im just gonna put it out there...

***i hope to be content with the work that i've done and work hard to improve and refine my style each and every time i'm given the opportunity

***i want to be more committed to blogging! be faithful in posting projects and progress!  and to stream line the content of the blog, keeping in line with the vision.  bringing interior design inspiration, trends, and projects that i'm working on. along with a few posts mixed in that are solely for inspiration.
***and last but not least i will take more risks!!! i usually hold back on putting myself out there because im afraid that it will fail.  i am afraid that if i try all the things i have up my sleeve then i will not have anything left to hold onto, no ace in the hole.  well if there is anything that i have learned from the past year its that some of my failures have produced some of the best results in me in the end. my failures have refined my and trained me. therefore i shouldn't be afraid to fail because in doing so i am just learning, which actually isn't failing at all. i want to dream and then be fearless to follow those dreams
well there it is... my mushy beginning of the year, get my butt in gear, you can do it speech!

i hope you will follow me on my journey through the following year.  hopefully i come out better and stronger on the other side! 

thank you all for reading!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

friday favorites!

the cold weather is definitely here! and it's got us thinking warm and cozy things for our favorites!!!

first up plaid leggins! (also, we LOVE jillian harris!!!!!)

2. starbucks chai latte's!  of coarse i drink them all year but nothing warms you like a spicy hot tea!

3. dark nail polish!  OPI borris and natasha.  my fave fall go to!

pheasant feathers!!! i just recently did my fall decorating and i mixed these beauties in anywhere i could!!!  i LOVE the rustic pattern and the delicate texture!

 hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!
thank you all for reading!!