Wednesday, January 30, 2013

made with love!

it might be just a little bit early to start getting ready for valentines day... but i cant help it!!!!
i just love this time of year! i love all the pink and red decorations and love is in the air!!
 besides all the goodies and such, i always like getting all wrapped up in silly sentimental gifts and being romantic! and of corse my husband being so sweet and doing things he doesn't want to do, 
to make me happy! (ehem... safe haven!!!) (i just love him!!!!)  anywaaaay... back to the goodies!
i'm totally thinking heart shaped brownies! with lots of icing and sprinkles!
first of many v-day treats for the people i love! let the baking begin!

is anyone else a little ahead of the game like me?
what are your ideas??
 and how do you plan to celebrate with your friends and those special someones?!?!

thank you all for reading!


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