Tuesday, January 15, 2013

kelly green dining room!

recently i got to do a little design work for an amazing young couple that i love so much!  they were wanting to furnish their dining room, but she came to me complaining that she was overwhelmed with the empty space and had a hard time making decisions.  so my first task was to figure out what they wanted in the space.  after much discussion, picture pilfering and just a tiny bit of hesitation they finally agreed to a mostly sleek and traditional look to match the house and were brave enough to say yes to a bright kelly green credenza!!!! to add just a little funkiness and their personality!

i really love this room because it is just so "them". and i think they really enjoy it too.  
what was once an empty room is now a fun and energetic place, 
perfect for entertaining and enjoying friends and family!
i hope you all enjoyed!
thank you for reading!


  1. I love the Green Credenza. It is quite a bold piece, but it creates a great focal point in the room and helps to brighten up and energize the space. Very well done.

    - Vee

  2. WOW i just LOVE that green credenze! what a WOW piece!!!! i am new to your blog & I LOVE IT! cheers!:)

  3. Was this purchased green or did you have it painted? I'd love to know the paint color, specifically! Thanks!

  4. Yes! I painted it... I'll have to look it up and get back to you on the color :)

  5. Ok Kelly, the paint is Olympic, Blamey Stone, B65-6 :)