Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a little design inspiration board!

this is the design board we came up with for tbird's room.  we wanted light, airy, and simple with a touch of glam! i love the pallet of pinks, beiges, and white so much i might want to do it in my house!!! she picked gold and coral to go in the room too, to bring out the glam level with a tiny pop of color. 
if you decide to do a pallet like this in one of your rooms remember to keep everything light! get rid of any black or dark brown in the room as it will only weigh everything down.  if you have wood, then choose a white or very light wood grain.  and all other major surfaces, like furniture, rugs, walls need to be very neutral. either white or varying shades of light beige.  keep fabrics, and accessories very airy too, lace and sheer fabrics work well, as does glass and reflective materials.  then the fun part comes!!! start incorporating small pops of pink in your accessories. then you'll begin to see your whole room come together!!!! i'll have a few pictures of the finished product posted in a few days so check back soon to see how it turned out!!!!
thank you all for reading!

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