Friday, April 20, 2012

don't over think your art!

a lot of people think that in order to have a well designed room that they need to own a fantastic piece of art or they need to order a matching set of super cheesy, over priced framed prints of anything that matches their room.  and this is just simply not the case!!! you can create super amazing interiors with just the stuff you have and love!!! which is what this blog is all about!!! use what you love to decorate your space!!!
if you love, love, love it then use it!!! lots of times the things we love end
up in a box in the closet!get them out and display them,
so that everyone can enjoy!!!

when you surround yourself with things you love, you will feel so happy at home!
even family pictures can be so chic when displayed artistically!

so go dig in the closet, find the things you love and 
viola! you have instant art for your walls!! 
happy decorating!
thanks everyone for reading!!!

photos: creahm.tumblr, apartmenttherapy

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