Tuesday, March 18, 2014

tile backsplash

we have decided to make some updates to our kitchen this summer so the planning has begun!
one of the main decisions we are really debating on is tile for the backsplash.
there are so may options i'm having trouble choosing between them!  i know that tile isn't typically the first thing you decide on for a kitchen, however i think if i decide on a tile i really like, that will help solidify the "style" of kitchen i want.  i have too many favorites, its not an easy decision.

my home was built in the 1930's so subway tile would be a great option for my kitchen because it was very popular at the time my house was built and would match the architecture of my home nicely.
however, i have a little bit of issue with using something that is SOO popular.  I don't want my house to lack personality and look like everyone else's... but i do think it would look great in there.  using a subway with a muted color is an option too like the picture below.
this black and white floral pattern is beautiful, but i don't know if its too much, i might get tired of it...
a mini marble herringbone is a top runner too, it's a little pricier but very pretty

quatrefoil is an option too

i really do love the look of these patterned tiles!!! 
i just don't know if i could commit to them long term!

we shall see... i am off to start on some design boards now so i will keep you posted
as we make decisions and progress!!
thank you all for reading!!!

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