Thursday, February 27, 2014

painted trim!

my friend erica and i have been chatting about ideas for revamping my bedroom.  the dreams keep coming and coming!!! the latest amazing thing we've been talking about is colored trim, which i am particularly excited about.   when i first moved into my house, and was doing renovations i noticed  the layers and layers of colors painted on the trim from years before.  my house was built in the thirties and the colorful trim was very popular all throughout the mid century years. ( check out this alllll turquoise kitchen!! ;)  a couple of the colors i remember seeing on the trim during renovations were mint green and hunter green.  :) it kind of made me roll my eyes when i saw it then, but now i am excited for my tiny home to see it's old familuar colors come to life again!!! 

this green trim is similar to the original color in my house.

this color was similar too.  kind of a pastel, minty, bluish-green.

i think this might be my favorite... this color is very bold and super gutsy! i think its just what my house needs!  attention grabbing and fun with a really fresh feel.  my little houses 1930's heart will be so happy.

so now the question is what awesome color will i choose? i'll keep you posted!! 
thank you all for reading!!!

1234567, 8, 910

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