Monday, June 11, 2012

on the road!!!

i got to go on a road trip last week, and it was so amazing!!! while i had a lot of fun stuff going on while i was there, i will have to say that the dive out was one of the best parts!!!
as we were driving through the wide reaching plains of kansas i was so inspired!!!
is was breathtaking to see the horizon stretch so far from east to west that you could hardly see 
any ground at all!!!! only pure wide open skies!
to go along with the amazing view, i had the perfect sound track to describe the ride!
here are the lyrics that so inspired me.
i so loved hearing this! it made me realize that you don't have to have it all together!
that its ok to be in a "figuring things out" stage, no matter how far you've come,
 or how far you have left to go!
as long as you keep going!!!  always know that the sky is the limit,  
and that the world is yours for the taking!
i hope you are as inspired as i was! go take on what you've been dreaming of!!!!!
thank you all for reading!!!!

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